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Viru Valge Special Anniversary Vodka

2012-04-12 by Hangover

Time for another classic estonian vodka

Viru Valge Special Anniversary Vodka

Alcohol: 40% alc vol
Volume: 700 ml
Origin: Estonia
Distillery: Liviko
Base: Grain
Introduced: 1898

Hangover verdict: 43 %




Viru Valge Vodka

Due to a state-of-the-art and innovative coal filtration processes, this most reputable Estonian vodka has a mild and neutral taste and aroma. Viru Valge has been produced from high-quality grain spirit and specially-processed water. In 2010, Viru Valge won the title of the best alcoholic beverage in Estonia.

The Viru Valge range includes the following products:

Viru Valge Pepper is a vodka with the taste characteristic of pepper mixture and spicy aroma. Different sorts of pepper have been used to get the unique flavour and aroma bouquet: black pepper, Cubeb pepper, chilli pepper. No preservatives or additives have been used in producing Viru Valge Pepper.

Viru Valge Black vodka has a pure aroma with a slightly mild taste, coal-filtrated to an extraordinary level of cleanness. The subtle addition of honey gives it its mild flavour.

Viru Valge Jubilee celebrates the 110th anniversary of the continuing traditions of vodka production. The pure taste of Viru Valge, preserved over the years, is a sure sign of its quality.

Viru Valge Special Anniversary – Viru Valge boasts an attractive bottle design celebrating Liviko’s 100th jubilee. The last century has witnessed many events important both for the state of Estonia as well as its citizens. The highly-valued design of the bottle and the carefully chosen high-quality grain spirit used for vodka production together with specially-processed water make this drink a must-have accoutrement for every party table.

Viru Valge Vägev – due to the high-quality grain spirit and specially-processed water used, this vodka is particularly spectacular, providing a total alcohol content of 80% vol.

Viru Valge flavoured vodkas are ideal cocktails components. The flavours offered are Barberry, Blackcurrant, Cherry, Green Apple, Lemon, Vanilla and Watermelon.

Strengths: 38%, 40% and 80% vol

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