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Imperia Russian Standard Vodka

2012-05-05 by Hangover

Let’s compare Russian Standard Vodka with its premium brand Vodka; Imperia!

Imperia Vodka

Alcohol: 40% alc vol
Volume: 500 ml
Origin: Russia
Distillery: Russian Standard
Base: Winter Grain

Hangover verdict: 80 %



Pristine, velvety-smooth, complex and inspired, this is vodka at a vertiginous high.

The ultimate distillation of years of experience and vodka science, brought together with an exciting dash of Russian Standard élan, Imperia is the definitive luxury vodka of its era.

No imperial power has ever compromised in its search for the ultimate in luxury and perfection. Imperia reflects our search for the ultimate in vodka production.

With its irrefutable authenticity, absolute clarity and smooth-tasting quality, it is an outstanding example of what Russia has done best for centuries: produce the finest vodkas in the world.

Using ultra pure soft waters from the north, a rigorous eight-times distillation process and our exclusive crystal quartz filtration, Imperia is an exceptionally clear, velvety-smooth, luxurious spirit perfect for the effortless cosmopolitan.

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Imperia Russian Standard Vodka, 7.7 out of 10 based on 7 ratings