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Heavy Water Vodka

2012-03-10 by Hangover

The norwegian vodka Heavy Water made a sneak attack and stole the pole position with this review.

Heavy Water Vodka

Alcohol: 40% alc vol
Volume: 700 ml
Origin: Norway
Distillery: Heavy Water International AS
Base: Potato

Hangover verdict: 81 %



Flavor text:
Designed by discerning drinkers for discrening drinkers, Heavy Water Vodka meets the demand for a vodka that can be savored not only as the main ingredient in a contemporary cocktail or as the base for a daring infusion, it can be enjoyed icy cold and straight. Multi-award-winnig robust, well-balanced and refined, 80 proof (40% a.b.v.)
Heavy Water Vodka is distilled and filtered (the precise number of times, selected for optimal flavor, is a closely guarded secret) from Scandinavian winter wheat and water from a subterranean lake formed during the great Ice Age, producing a smooth ultra-premium vodka with a long finish. Heavy Water Vodka takes its name from the rare isotope D2O found in water, which scientists call heavy water.
For every 6,000 parts of water, there is only one part that contains heavy water.
There are plenty of vodkas out there, but there’s only one Heavy Water Vodka.

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Heavy Water Vodka, 7.4 out of 10 based on 5 ratings